Network Printers Come In Many Speeds and Sizes

Choose a model that meets your needs for volume, speed and convenience. You don’t necessarily need a network printer in order to do networked printing. Almost any printer can be networked by connecting it with a computer and setting the computer to act as a print server for the network. Printers that are designed for […]

Why “Onix”?

ONIX Lazer Corporation, founded in 1989, began its existence as a laser printer company. It first supplied its own brand of remanufactured toner cartridges, and then moved into selling and servicing the printers themselves. Onix continued to grow into new lines such as copiers, inkjets, and faxes, and became a specialist in “hardcopy” products. This growth endures with the introduction of colour laser printers and copiers, multifunctional products, mopiers, scanners and digital capture-and-send products.

 When Onix first opened its doors, networks, e-mails and the internet were all new technologies. As these began to proliferate, standalone printers and other peripherals migrated towards network accessible devices. Onix initially met this new challenge by retrofitting hardcopy devices with network cards, and then began selling more diverse network products, eventually up to and including the servers themselves.

 In 1999, Onix first became an Autodesk Authorized System Center. Today, Onix is the Ottawa area’s only Autodesk reseller carrying all four Autodesk product medallions. Onix services these clients and products with a dedicated sales staff, an in-house training centre and four full-time Application Engineers.

 Onix continues to grow as both technology and the markets evolve around us. And, as many of those who first tried us fourteen years ago can attest, one aspect of Onix Lazer Corporation will never change: our constant attention and service to you, our customers.