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ONIX Lazer Corporation, founded in 1989, began its existence as a laser printer company. It first supplied its own brand of remanufactured toner cartridges, and then moved into selling and servicing the printers themselves. Onix continued to grow into new lines such as copiers, inkjets, and faxes, and became a specialist in "hardcopy" products. This growth continues with the introduction of colour laser printers and copiers, multifunctional products, mopiers, scanners and digital capture-and-send products.

When Onix first opened its doors, networks, e-mails and the internet were all new technologies. As these began to proliferate, standalone printers and other peripherals migrated towards network accessible devices. Onix initially met this new challenge by retrofitting hardcopy devices with network cards, and then began selling more diverse network products, eventually up to and including the servers themselves.

In 1999, Onix first became an Autodesk Authorized System Center. Today, Onix is the Ottawa area's only Autodesk reseller carrying all four Autodesk product medallions. Onix services these clients and products with a dedicated sales staff, an in-house training centre and five full-time Application Engineers.

Onix continues to grow as both technology and the markets evolve around us. And, as many of those who first tried us fourteen years ago can attest, one aspect of Onix Lazer Corporation will never change: our constant attention and service to you, our customers.

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Types of App Software Programs You Can Develop

These days, gadgets and gizmos seem to be ruling us as we tend to be more and more connected and engaged in using our smart devices. The truth is that the advancement of technology along with certain innovation of already existing technologies have brought us smart devices - tablets and smartphones - which we can use to connect to the internet or use apps that will allow us to play games or do our work more effectively. http://www.maestralsolutions.com/services/custom-software-development/atlanta have all benefit from the rapid growth of software and computer programming as some have led the way to the development of highly usable and work-related friendly software programs for desktop computing as well as apps for smart device programs.

Whether it's developing an app for a mobile or smart device, or programming a software for more serious desktop computing, creating a program that others will find useful is something that every computer programmer or software company aims to achieve. The thing is that there will always be something that will create a craze and that it is only a matter of discovering what that is, or perhaps being at the right place at the right time in releasing such a program.

When it comes to programming and creating software, what you create will all boil down into the following categories: basic table functionality, database driven custom functionality, games, enhancement or modification of software and related firmware, dynamic apps, utility tools for customizing and maintenance, office programs like word processing and spreadsheet table functionality, programming language or tool, and basically everything else.

Basic Table Functionality - this is perhaps the easiest to design and build as it mostly involves the display of very basic information such as the display of new email message in a box along with a few sets of list or instructions to click on.

Games - this is probably the most focused area of software programming as this is also the category with the most appeal. Many software companies have struck it rich creating game apps or software that have struck substantial mass appeal. Although the category of games is very broad due to the different classifications of games and genres available, to be able to create something that will be to the appeal of many will certainly bring in a great degree of financial profit, either for the company involved or the individual who personally created the game (think flappy bird).

Enhancement, Modification, Upgrade - software programs like these are intended to take the current base model to another level, making it either faster or better. Image enhancing apps and programs can help make a picture taken by an ordinary camera look surprisingly appropriately lit, correctly exposed, properly framed. This image enhancement can also be accomplished in real time using smart devices like tablets or smartphones.

Utilities, Tools, Maintenance - creating programs that can help customize certain aspects of a program, perform maintenance work, or use for troubleshooting issues encountered either with a particular program or the operating system itself is one of the challenges that some programmers put themselves into.

Office Programs - software programs that involves wordprocessing, spreadsheet and accounting tables, database creation, dynamic presentation, and other office-related work stuff can be classified under this category.

Programming Language - this is perhaps the pinnacle of software programming. In the past, there has been COBOL, BASIC, Assembly, C++, Pascal, UNIX, Dbase, Virtual Basic, Java, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, HTML, and many other more programming languages. Creating a programming language that other programmers will use and patronize is definitely an achievement for any programmer or Software Company, especially if the programming language is very powerful and capable of completing complex programming syntax with relative ease. Additionally, if the learning curve for the programming language is on the moderately easy side, then it is likely to have its own following.

In the US, some of the top software companies in Atlanta GA are converging as well as competing against each other on who will be able to release an app or software program that will change the landscape of mobile and desktop computing. Although there are quite a number of contenders vying for top spot among top software companies, it can be said without doubt that innovation, idea, and luck all plays a role in the instant success of a software app or program.

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