Calling All (Toner) Cartridges


Recycling Cartridges is Easier than You Think.

As a remanufacturer, we use the sturdy, non-wearing parts of used cartridges to build our affordable, reliable cartridge products. In fact, those parts are so valuable to us, we’re willing to come out to your site to collect them, even if you don’t use our remanufactured cartridges. And, of course, we’ll pay you for your empties, too!

The only thing you need to do is inform your office mates that used cartridges should be placed back in their original wrappings and set aside in a pre-designated area. Then we’ll come by to pick them up on a schedule that is convenient for you. Whether you choose a cash payment or a credit to your account with us, you’ll be helping to reclaim some of your company’s cost for consumables, while helping us reclaim the parts we need to support our product line. And we’ll both be reducing pressure on our local landfills.